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Care when using our products

Care of the equipment is very important for the safety of the user. All equipment shall be visually inspected prior to use, both inside and out where possible. Careful cleaning is recommended on a regular basis, however it’s not advisable to clean rubber products with petroleum based chemicals only wash with soapy water and thoroughly air dry out of direct sunlight or with a soft cloth. It’s also recommended to store rubber products in their individual storage bags and out of direct sunlight.

It’s not advisable to wear jewellery whilst using these insulated products as this could cause irreparable damage to the product thus causing the product to be removed from service.

Chemical compounds that are petroleum based should not be used. In the case of contact, the contaminated area should be immediately washed with a cloth and neutral detergent. After being washed, the area should be thoroughly rinsed with water and air-dried.

If there is any signs of physical damage or deterioration then the product should be removed from service immediately and the customer given the option of a replacement.